Laguna Community Summit

Please plan for this important meeting:

Planning Commission
Downtown Specific Plan
November 20 – 6:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers

This is planned to be the final opportunity for public input before a new, compromised Downtown Specific Plan is submitted to City Council for approval

Below are some aspects of the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) draft that caught our eye.  If you have not been involved before you can just come and listen.  We will all need to be up-to-speed on the issues we want to fight for when this is passed to City Council, perhaps as early as December 17th.  To come up to speed faster, consider looking at the following documents: You may also want to bring an 8.5" by 11" clipboard.  We will have a Save Laguna logo sign for you to hold so we all know that we are together on this.  


As the draft states (p. 63) parking occupancy often exceeds the 85% threshold. Adopting blended parking at 3 on-site spaces per 1000 sq. ft. is a step in the wrong direction.  It is giving away parking that we don’t exist   Keep the current off-site parking requirements, and mandate that all parking studies must account for the spill-over effect into our neighborhoods.

Intensity – Land Use

Allowing large lot combinations conflicts with the objective of keeping the downtown small-scale.  Staff claims that “it isn’t the intention that entire-block redevelopment would occur.” There is a good way to ensure that it doesn’t …. Continue to prohibit the combination of large lots!


The proposal to allow new second stories almost everywhere in the downtown violates the objective of keeping the downtown small-scale and pedestrian-friendly.  Keep our downtown unique by keeping the current height limit.

Historic Buildings in Commercial Districts

The proposed general standard (General Standards E1, p. 162) would allow the owner of a historic downtown commercial building to tear it down and completely rebuild it as new.   We should continue to preserve our few remaining historic commercial structures.

Urban Design Guidelines.

It is important that we set high standards for how Laguna looks so that we can avoid cookie-cutter clutter.  The consultant-prepared design guidelines for the downtown are weak when compared to the alternative, detailed recommendations prepared by the resident ad hoc committee (See chapter 4). These recommendations are well thought through and should be incorporated into the new Downtown Specific Plan